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Angelenos Cigars are created to salute the connoisseurs around the world who, depite all these obstacles, continue to enjoy cigars with incomparable passion. We might not like some of the things our governments do, but must still love our communities and countries. Cigars create camaraderie among us, and I am sure that this world will be a better place if we can share our cigars together.

Made with Ecuadorian wrappers and Dominican fillers and binder at Tabacalera A. Fuente Y Cia. In the Dominican Republic, Angelenos Cigars combine the smoothness and sophistication of the City of Angels with a touch of the boldness that made the city what it is today.



50 X 5 1/4 inch, 19 mm X 133
25 cigars per box (MSRP $287.50, $11.50 per cigar)

Item code: CG-8055

The Robusto is a subtly more potent take on the original Angelenos blend. Much of the same sweet, creamy flavor is present, but the aroma is considerably more intense, practically dancing with floral notes. While the ultra-smooth Robusto is mellow enough for anyone to finish down to the last inch, its heavier taste hints at the leathery heft of the finest Cuban blends. It is truly a cigar appropriate for any occasion and any smoker.



54 X 5 1/2 inch, 21 mm X 139
25 cigars per box (MSRP $312.50, $12.50 per cigar)

Item code: CG-8077

The flavors in the Angelenos Robusto Gordo are so many and varied that it may be impossible to describe them all. Like the other Angelenos cigars, the Robusto Gordo opens with the subtle, delicate sweetness of angel food cake. As it burns, new flavors emerge- a slight citrus tang, the softest hints of black pepper. About halfway through, the sweetness recedes and the cigar becomes more full-bodied, with a taste reminiscent of savory salsa. It’s perfect for afternoons or evenings when you have time to sit down and enjoy one of the most complex, interesting cigars in the world.


52 X 5 3/4 inch, 20 mm X 145
25 cigars per box (MSRP $312.50, $12.50 per cigar)

Item code: 8011

If the Robusto takes the Angelenos blend up one notch, the Double Robusto takes it up two. The Double Robusto has a stimulating aroma that recalls the fresh smell of juniper berries. The taste is the heaviest in the Angelenos line, beginning with subtle notes of black pepper and the tang of poblano pepper. The peppery notes intensify about halfway through the cigar. The Double Robusto’s distinctive flavor makes it the perfect accompaniment to mixed drinks- it could even hold its own with a great margarita.

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Angelenos cigars are presented in the box of 25 cigars.