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Prometheus Angelenos Leather Cigar Case

The Angelenos case (made in Spain) fit cigars up to 60 ring gauge. They fit any size of your favorite cigar whether it is 52 (double robusto) or 60 (gigante) ring gauge. The ample diameter of these cases ensure that you can easily put your cigars without squeezing or damaging their wrapper leaves.
Angelenos Oscarias Barcelona (CASE-500/OA)
Made in Spain
Diameter of Large Ring Gauge Case: 25 mm
60 ring gauge: 24 mm (Gigante)
56 ring gauge: 23 mm (Gran Toro)
54 ring gauge: 22 mm (Robusto Gordo)
52 ring gauge: 21 mm (Double Robusto)
50 ring gauge: 20 mm (Robusto)
Chart for Cigar Ring Size
MSRP $89.00


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